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Electronics manufacturer, PCB layouts, RF devices & software

  • General

    We are electronics engineering consultants with over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience. Offering unique, hard to find skills and design capabilities in Analog, Digital and RF circuit with complete mechanical design and fabrication capabilities.

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  • Electronics

    MBTKD offers complete electronic circuit design services including systems integration, data acquisition and motion control for industrial, medical, and commercial applications. We utilizing the latest semiconductor technologies such as RF-wireless, digital computing, FPGA, microprocessors, Bluetooth and discrete power components.

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  • Schematic and PCB design

    Our current capabilities include single layer to 12 multi-layer PCB layout design down to 4mils trace width, utilizing SMT and through hole technology with components on one or both sides of the board. MBTKD can also provide rapid prototyping of your existing or new design while reducing overall time to market.

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  • Software

    MBTKD offers software design services for embedded computing platforms. Real time operating system (RTOS), C compliers and assembly level programming capabilities as well as full documentation services to complement your hardware designs. .

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  • RF Design

    MBTKD RF design capabilities include Bluetooth, Zwave mesh networking, short range remotes utilizing a variety of available RF frequency bands compliant with FCC, CE and other agency compliance standards.

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  • Plastics design

    MBTKD addresses all aspects of your visual and physical component design including all of its functions by using Solid Works, a computer aided engineering software to create 3D parametric models. Our current capabilities offer quick concept to finish product fabrication. This results in rapid, cost effective part prototyping by using our on-site 3D printing capability.

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  • Smart engineering design

    With over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience we will closely work with your firm’s hardware and software requirements. Whether your application is automotive, industrial, medical or commercial it will be under consistent review it to produce the most reliable and cost effective solution.

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  • Free quote

    Our contract engineering group can provide a free quote for implementation of Automation Procedures and Techniques for your Electronic Design, RF Remote Control Design and Plastic Design.

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  • Free project review

    We will meet with you to review your all of your project requirements and provide free initial consulting regarding any one of your Automation Techniques, Electronic Design, Plastic Design and RF Remote Control Design..

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  • Domestic production

    Our New Jersey facility offers rapid prototyping and low and high volume production to meet demanding time-to-market schedules by using the latest CAD/CAM tools to ensure the highest quality products in the shortest time possible.

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  • Offshore production

    High volume applications can be manufactured with one of our off-shore partners that can provide complete assemblies that are fully tested and documented to your specifications.

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  • Quality Guarantee

    We guarantee all of our products and services which is easy with the by using the standards of UL, CSA, FCC and other regulatory commissions.

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Recent projects

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Magnetic Field Sensor
Panasonc Grid-EYE 8x8 Temperature Sensor with RS485 Interface
The Development board for Panasonic
The industrial controller with Microchip PIC18F46 Microprocessor
Three Stages Line follower Educational Kit, Hardware,PIC16F883 and Cypress BLE
USB to 2x UART with phase shifting for debugging


It is uncommon to find the level of support you have given us in training and support for the few repairs required on this old equipment. You are very innovative and stand by you innovations to make sure they are trouble free for years.


My experience with MB Turnkey Design is that when they commit themselves to a project they will deliver the full engineering services required to assure the quality, documentation and working prototypes on time.

Jim Fair

I look forward to continued success inour ongoing business as well a new developments and future projects. Please stay well and stay in touch.

Kenneth Krawcheck

We belive that successful 2 year cooperation with MB Turnkey Design Company within some previous projects combined with experience in innovative design as well as implementation of new technologies in manufacturing process guratantees the project will yield successful outcome.

Szczecin University of Technology

U was happy to learn recently that Mirek is the principal in the MB Turnkey Design LLC. Wgen the opportunity arises, I will seek his services again.

Michael A. Zerillo

Mirek has truly gone above and beyond our agreements and impressed us with his designs, and oversight and coordination of high-quality, low-cost manufacturing abroad.

Zbigniew “Ziggy” Szymczyk

It has been a sincere pleasure working with you over the years, and I thank you for your support in the growth of my company.

James L. Wilgus

I have known Mr. Bogdanowicz for over 10 years and I have used his services on several occasions. I was always pleased with the quality and performance not only of the initial prototypes, but also of the final products. The quotations submitted to me were very competitive and the projected completion dates were met every time.

Witold "Wit" Olszewski

I appreciate your commitment and hard work over the last four months. You efforts enabled Koehler-Bright Star to submit prototypes of our upgraded control PCB to our approval agency withing the allotted time schedule.

Joe Bobbin

About us

MB Turnkey Design specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology website for more information by clicking here.

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